Reviews matter!

Reviews matter! They shouldn’t, after all they’re only one person’s opinion and not everyone will like your book, but for new writers, they really matter. So in thanking Borders for the following review, I do so with great gratitude.

Danielle Siddons at Borders Book Store, Leicester:

‘Wow! What can I say? Chasing Shadows absolutely blew me away! It was like a cross between 'Life on Mars' and '24', with ample doses of action, gore, thrills and humour! Never a dull moment, the plot doesn't halt for a pause with twists, turns and new discoveries unfolding in every chapter. The characters were beautifully put across, in equal parts our protagonist was heroic and wholesome, made massively credible by his witty and dry sense of humour, and the 'bad guys' were deliciously detestable. With its short chapters and John's concise, to-the-point writing style, this book was unstoppable; it had me gripped from the first page until the side-splitting, shocking and genuis conclusion. A fantastic book!'