A Blog To Follow

Please allow me to point you the way of Helen Hollick’s blog. My friend and fellow CallioCrest author has posted a number of interesting articles, offering a real insight into the writing and publishing process. Her latest post concerns the creating of - and importance of - book covers, and features input from designer, Cathy Helms, of Avalon Graphics.

Here comes the link
Helen's Blog

New UK/US Publisher

From the 1st of August 2010, Chasing Shadows will be available from my new publisher, CallioPress. I am to be published under their mainstream imprint, CallioCrest.

CallioPress are a global, independent publisher that are aiming to provide worldwide access to their books via the internet, high street book stores and other retail outlets. With offices in London and Florida, I am excited that Chasing Shadows will be reaching an American audience.

Callio Press